Lumley Junior School

Enjoy and Achieve Together

Since September 2016, Lumley Junior School has been been part of the Educate and Celebrate Best Practice Programme. The award programme is designed to ensure that schools are transformed into LGBT+ friendly places. In June 2017, we were awarded a Gold Award for the work we have achieved.


Ofsted recognises Educate & Celebrate as Best Practice for taking a whole-school approach to tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and ingrained attitudes in schools, stating this approach has been highly successful and as Innovative and Visionary.


The main idea is to adopt a 'usualising' approach in order to teach children about LGBT+ people. Bullying is therefore reduced because LGBT+ people no longer seem 'unusual'. We have worked hard to develop our curriculum and incorporate LGBT+ knowledge into lessons which has had an impact on students’ knowledge and understanding of LGBT+ people and issues. Removing the stigma in this way undermines HBT bullying and creates an environment in which it can be more readily challenged.


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