Lumley Junior School

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Since Autumn 2016, Lumley Junior School have been using ParentPay for parents/carers to make online payments. Although primarily used for school dinner, ParentPay will also be used to pay for school events such as educational visits. Please see below for a range of guides in relation to using ParentPay.


Activate your ParentPay account

This document will explain how to activate your ParentPay account.


How to pay for items

This document will explain how to make payments using your ParentPay account.


Adding and using Parent Account credit

You can choose to maintain a balance in your Parent Account. This will help with budgeting and mean that you can make faster payments for school items.


How to view your payment history

This document will explain how to view your payment history.


How to add a child to your account

One of the key features of ParentPay is the cross-school login functionality. This enables payers with children at different schools to add up to six children to their account, regardless of which school they attend.