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Lumley Junior Site: Cocken Lane, Great Lumley, County Durham DH3 4JJ | Tel: 0191 388 2310 | Email:

Lumley Primary Federation

Our approach to teaching children & young people with SEN

At Lumley Primary Federation, we celebrate the fact that every child is unique. We understand that children learn and develop in different ways and that some children may face barriers to their learning. Inclusive education means supporting all pupils to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school life alongside their peers. All children, regardless of individual need, are offered a broad and relevant education.

Our curriculum includes, not only the formal requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum/National Curriculum, but also a range of additional opportunities to enrich the experiences of all pupils. Our curriculum also includes the social aspects that are essential for lifelong learning, personal growth and development of independence, confidence and self-esteem.

At Lumley Primary Federation, it is integral to us that all children are able to access and thrive in all of the opportunities that we provide. Therefore, we ensure that we give a range of support in order to remove a child’s barriers to learning, whether they are short term or longstanding. We strive to provide children with the right help at the right time so that they are all able to succeed and enjoy school life.